Matt Leibowitz is a Brooklyn-based musician, audio engineer, and sound enthusiast. His specialties include mixing, recording, and making sounds, approaching problems with creativity and patience, and climbing things.

Matt graduated from The College of New Jersey with a BA in Psychology and an MA in Counselor Education.  Post formal education, Matt managed night clubs, farmed in Utah, worked at a methadone clinic, bartended in NYC, and explored the country several times over, forming a deep appreciation for the nature that surrounds us and the people that live in this big, vast world.

Now residing in New York, Matt writes, records, and plays live on a regular basis with several acts including his band, The Midnight Hollow.  As a sound recordist and musician, he can regularly be found with a pair of headphones, boom pole, and bass on his back for the gig later that night.





+1 609 529 2804

Photo:  Matt Licari